Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well, the book and cover are finally done, and I now have a welcome month or so of relative calm before starting the book events (mainly in January). This is a time to get back to the "other" book - take note dog lovers - on dog food safety. That is, if I decide to go ahead. It was started about three years ago, and sadly had to be put aside (current status: a very rough draft). The book focuses not just on hazards in dog food (and treats, snacks) for dogs, but also on the links between dog food and the health of their "owners" or whatever we want to call ourselves.

My dilemma - am I really willing to go to all this effort to finish it? I had no idea that writing a commercial non-fiction book would be so much work..I think of all those other things I want to spend time on, that I have had to miss out on for the last few years. A co-author would be a great solution, but no veterinarian who values their career would be willing to co-author a book which is so critical of their profession.

In the meantime -Here are some pre-order links for The Safe Food Handbook (for humans):

Also available as an E-Book.


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