Sunday, May 7, 2017


As I was googling another food safety issue the other day, I came across the list of 6 foods that Bill Marler won’t eat. In case you don’t know who Bill Marler is, he is the most prominent food poisoning lawyer in the United States. He has made many millions of dollars representing victims of food poisoning. Clearly he has learned something along the way about the most risky foods to eat.

So here is his list (from And then I will give you mine.

1. Unpasteurized (“raw”) milk and packaged (unpasteurized) juices.
2. Raw sprouts.
3. Meat that isn’t well done.
4. Prewashed or precut fruits and vegetables.
5. Raw or undercooked eggs.
6. Raw oysters and other raw shellfish.

Now, to my list. I avoid everything on Marler’s list with a few additions and modifications. The below refer to his above points.

1. Yes, absolutely.
2. Yes, again.
3. Yes, but I also avoid underdone chicken (but I imagine, if asked, Marler would agree).
4. I definitely avoid all precut fruits and vegetables, but I do on occasions eat bagged prewashed salads or greens such as spinach (after first rewashing them), though I prefer to eat the fruits, vegetables and herbs that I grow myself).
5. Absolutely agree.
6. Absolutely agree.

In addition, I avoid these foods:

1. Salsa (unless I make it myself).
2. Raw milk cheeses
3. Raw fish, including in ceviche and even sushi.