Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just realized that since I began this blog, January 2009, I have published 102 posts. There are now roughly 100 views a day, and increasing rapidly.

The blog has also changed during this period. Initially, I focused only on the U.S. and Canadian food supplies. But I began to realize that the readership was global - with quite a large segment of readers in various Asian and European countries. There are less hits from Latin America at present except for Brazil. Because of this wide readership, I have begun increasingly to focus on global issues, and plan to do so more in the future.

Recently, several posts have focused on food contamination by radiation in Japan, and its implications for other countries as well. This will probably be an ongoing topic as the situation develops further.

In the future, I would like to try to respond more to comments and questions, and generally make feedback both a key factor in choosing what to discuss and also a part of the posts.

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M said...

I've greatly enjoyed reading this blog! Perhaps with summer coming up you could write about food poisoning dangers at picnics and outdoor parties? My husband and I landed our first ever case of food poisoning at our godson's birthday party from chicken pizza that (unbeknownst to us) had been left out for five hours! I'm sure there have to be other dangers, but it's never on the front of my mind as a host or a guest!

Anonymous said...

Food safety is now a global issue, since the food we eat now comes from multiple countries. With summer almost here, advice on salads and storing food outside would be great!