Saturday, June 4, 2011


The Safe Food Handbook calls salads one of the riskiest types of food we can eat. In fact, it could well be that more food borne illnesses originate in salads each year than in any other type of food. Why?

The main reason is that we eat them raw. Meat may carry more bacteria, but we can do something about it: we can cook it. But we do nothing about our salads, except wash each item, peel where we can, and hope for the best. Some of the time it works. But sometimes it doesn't. The reason is that the microbes have got under the skin, right into the flesh - the parts we eat. And, salads are so easy to contaminate in the kitchen, from unclean surfaces or contact with other raw foods that carry bacteria. Salads in a restaurant are particularly risky.

As reported by CNN World, Dr Nicola Holden, from Scotland's James Hutton Institute, noted that food poisoning cases linked to vegetables appeared to be on the increase. "We have seen a rise in the number of outbreaks associated instead with fresh fruit and vegetables; in particular foods that are eaten raw or lightly cooked, like salad vegetables, fresh fruit and sprouted beans," she said.

What is happening in Europe right now with the current outbreak could underline this point. That is, if it really turns out to be one of the salad items that is responsible. It is not proven yet.

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