Saturday, July 28, 2012


Mass produced food, can also create massive and widespread problems. This is particularly the case when an ingredient used by a number of food producers turns out to be contaminated. The currently ongoing recall of diced onions and foods made with those onions is a case in point.

It started with Gills Onions, of Oxnard, CA. The company's diced, slivered and whole peeled onions and diced onion/celery mix were found to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria (remember - this is the one that is so dangerous to pregnant women and anyone with a weakened immune system).

A number of other currently ongoing recalls have had to take place as a result. Enslin & Son Packing Company, a Hattiesburg, Miss. establishment, is recalling approximately 314 pounds of sausage products. Huxtable's Kitchen, a Vernon, Calif. establishment, is recalling approximately 5,610 pounds of barbeque chicken salads - sold at Trader Joe's (see photo). Some Wegmans Food Markets in Pennsylvania are recalling a number of prepared foods such as chilled stew with red and white beans, Wegmans Veggie Pizzas, Wingless Buffalo blue cheese dip and Crab-Pepper Jack (most sold and eaten by now) that were made with these onions. Cool Creations, LLC of North Kansas City, Missouri are recalling a long list of platters, and dips and bowls and medleys for the same reason.

Nor is this the end. There are bound to be more in the next few days, especially since the original onion recall has now been expanded to include other products.

My advice to anyone at high risk for Listeriosis: avoid prepared foods, at least for a couple of weeks, until all the contaminated food is recalled - that is, if it hasn't been already eaten.

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