Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Yes, anyone can get ill from eating contaminated food. Some well-known people reportedly did in 2012.

Public figures are not exempt. Martha Stewart - the American business magnate, domestic diva and TV personality - was one of the 2012 victims. She believes she got it from "handling too many turkeys" around Thanksgiving. Presumably, she wasn't using safe food preparation practices or this would not have happened. X Factor star Josh from Union J was reported to have suffered from food poisoning as was the son of the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who ended up in hospital while visiting the Black Sea city of Odessa. These are just some examples.

Many athletes of all ages came down with it too in spite of their good health. Greg Norman had to withdraw from the Australian PGA golf championship after just two holes because of food poisoning. Food poisoning also hit Australia's badminton team this year. Shahulat Shamhalaev was not allowed to fight by the New Jersey State because of a bout. And, more than 1,200 young athletes (ages 9-18) participating in a sports event in the Dominican Republic got sick from tainted food (probably served at the lunch), with 22 ending up in hospital.

Admitting you got food poisoning is not always good for your public image. I wonder whether the "gastric virus" that Hilary Clinton had, which left her so dangerously dehydrated, and now, hospitalized with a blood clot, was really food-borne illness. She was certainly living a risky lifestyle - overwork, constant travel, having to eat at banquets much of the time.

Yes, and several of my not-so-famous friends had bouts too. Two are still recovering. They ate Christmas Dinner at a restaurant - including oysters. Ouch! That probably was the culprit food. And they have been very ill. Food poisoning is no joke. In fact, you feel like death. As Martha Stewart told the Washington Post her food-borne illness was "a doozy" and she was in bed for days.

Don't become a food poisoning statistic in 2013!

To your good health,