Sunday, January 9, 2011


I decided it was time to tell the truth about my success as an urban organic farmer - particularly when it comes to those super-organic vegetables. Unfortunately, things are not nearly as good as I would like them to be.

For one thing, not everything I plant actually grows well. Those "baby" veggies seem to be attacked by anything and everything - molds, insects, snails, squirrels, deer, and who knows what else. I suppose it is the same as with infant humans - they are simply more vulnerable - and delicious. Here is photographic evidence of what those cabbages that you see in my Facebook profile photo taken a couple of months ago look like today. Pathetic!

Was I neglectful? Probably. I never did get around to putting up that copper barrier around them, that I meant to. Somehow the holidays (and the book) just took all my time. Besides, who feels like doing gardening in icy rain?

The second truth is that when they do grow to an edible stage, those organic vegetables often do not look anything like those perfect mass produced ones that you can buy in the supermarket. But believe me, they taste a lot better - and are more healthy. And although I always believe in having food look visually appealing, I am telling myself that perfection is boring. They are simply an artistic interpretation -like those freshly picked carrots below, or the smaller broccoli, zuccini and herbs, or the last of those imperfect Heirloom tomatoes that date back a couple of months.



Anonymous said...

glad that somebody else has trouble growing picture perfect veggies

Anonymous said...

Me too!