Saturday, January 1, 2011


The Safe Food Handbook
Heli Perrett (Author)
January, 2011

Trade Paperback • 368 Pages
ISBN 9781615190171

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Reviews and News:
Perrett writes in a manner that clears the fog of claims surrounding food risks and safety. This book will be an eye-opener for anyone who has had questions about food safety.
—Ginny Wolter, Toledo-Lucas Cty. P.L."

USA WEEKEND MAGAZINE - Nov.21, 2010: ”They save time, but pre-washed, pre-cut, ready-to-go packages of fruits and veggies can be problematic. “Proportionally more outbreaks of produce-linked illness come from fresh-cut produce than from produce left whole,” says Heli Perrett, author of The Safe Food Handbook. Some studies found that slicing before packaging can multiply the risk by six or more."

RUTH WINTER, Award winning science writer, author of 28 books: “The overburdened, understaffed agencies that are supposed to inspect and eliminate contaminated food in the United States cannot do an adequate job since most of our edibles are imported. The best protection against unsafe food, therefore, is our own knowledge. Dr. Perrett presents well-balanced, solid information about foods we may choose to eat. She answers many frequently asked questions about pre-packaged food, organic products, and what precautions to take with dishes such as sushi and raw beef. She even answers questions readers may not think to ask such as how to avoid distasteful, contaminated spices.”
—Ruth Winter, MS, author of A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously the book has hit a nerve. How safe is our food supply? Something like this has been a long time in coming.

Anonymous said...

A vote from ruth winter, the book must be good.