Thursday, August 4, 2011


The USDA promised information on who was actually selling the potentially Salmonella-contaminated ground turkey (see previous posts) in the U.S. This information hasn't come out yet. My blog's search information shows that a lot of people want answers. Trader Joe's customers seem to be particularly concerned.

However, now that the word has gone out, you can basically assume that the recalled items have been withdrawn from store shelves. The larger retailers have systems in place which assure that this happens. As for the smaller stores, I don't know if they received any product from Cargill (the recalling company) but I doubt it. This huge food producer would tend to have large customers.

That basically leaves you checking your refrigerator - or, going through your garbage to find the packaging if you bought some pre-packaged ground turkey recently and can't remember which one it was. The company has actually posted a good list, with photos of each product, on You may want to check this to refresh your memory.

What I can do is to name the states which have most likely sold the potentially contaminated ground turkey since theses are where the illnesses have occurred. Take a look at the map. By the way, the one death so far, was in California. A lot of people are still hospitalized and seriously ill.

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UPDATE: If you live in California which gives you the specifics on where the turkey was sold there, and telephone numbers to call at the stores. In other states, search the websites of your state health agencies.

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