Sunday, December 11, 2011


Now we are back to the usual outbreaks in food. Salmonella bacteria in fresh cilantro herbs is quite common. In the U.S. we usually have at least one such outbreak a year, often with spinoffs to prepared fresh foods (such as salza, salads) that have used the contaminated cilantro.

This year we had a cilantro recall in April because of Salmonella. The recall was by Satur Farms of Long Island, which produces specialty salad greens, edible flowers, and herbs for greeenmarket shoppers and up-scale restaurants.

The current recall is by Pacific International Marketing (“Pacific”) of Salinas, California. The cilantro was distributed by Pacific International Marketing in cartons of 60 bunches, 30 bunches and 20- 3 bunched sleeves to retailers in California, Arizona, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Indiana, South Carolina, and Missouri. The product has “Pacific” printed on the twist tie and the UPC code, which is 33383 80104.

Consumers have been asked to return any cilantro they purchased between November 16th and December 10th. Well, let me tell you FDA, most of us consumers who bought fresh cilantro a few weeks ago have already eaten it - including me. Unfortunately, my dog ate the cilantro I am growing in the garden, so had to resort to commercial stuff. And, I fed the food I made with the fresh cilantro to a lot of other people...Ugh!

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