Thursday, December 22, 2011

Walmart Removes Enfamil Newborn Formula from Stores

I am glad I did not buy Mead Johnson Nutrition Co. (MJN) shares. They fell like a rock today - down 10%. The reason: Walmart removed this company's Enfamil Newborn formula from all Walmart shelves after it was found that an infant who died was given that brand. Reportedly, about half of all Walmart stores carry the formula, and thousands of stores and many times more cans are involved.

Several infants have become ill. The formula has not yet been proved to be the cause, but is suspected to be the culprit. Another unidentified formula is suspected as well, which suggests that they may have a common contaminated ingredient.

The bacteria involved is Cronobacter sakazakii. Never heard of it? You are not alone. There are huge numbers of bacteria present in our environment that the public never hears of. Some are harmless, others harmful. For a newborn, bacteria like these can cause serious illness or even death. Fatality rate is estimated at 40-80 percent, which is very high.

Yes, of course the infant formula was tested by the company before being released into the marketplace, and this lot tested negative. But contaminants are frequently missed for a variety of reasons.

If the link is proven, this is likely to be the start of a national recall. And of course, a lot of lawsuits.

Mothers beware! If you recently bought this formula, don't give it to your newborn.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Walmart. It's not often one can say nice things about them.