Monday, March 26, 2012


Here's yet another fresh cheese recall, because of the usual problem - Listeria monocytogenes bacteria has been found in the cheese. Special alert for pregnant women!

El Ranchero Del Sur, LLC. of South River, New Jersey, USA, is recalling Queso Fresco El Ranchero Del Sur 14 oz. (Fresh Cheese), Queso Fresco en Hoja De Platano Los Corrales 14 oz. (Fresh Cheese In Banana Leaf), Queso Hebra Queso Oaxaca El Ranchero Del Sur 14 oz. and 10 lb. (String Cheese. These cheeses were distributed from 2/23/12 through 3/14/12 through direct delivery to retail stores, supermarkets and restaurants located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Fresh cheeses should be on the "don't eat" list for pregnant women and people with weak immune systems everywhere in the world - not just in the U.S. The risks of getting Listeriosis are too great.

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