Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The safety of our salt is one of the things we tend not to question. But, that salt you so liberally sprinkle on everything from eggs to meat to potatoes to your vegetables, could be undermining your health in more ways than one. Especially if you live in Poland.

The media has been reporting that a six-month long investigation in Poland has uncovered a horrible scandal: salt that was only meant to be used for de-icing of roads or for use in the chemical industry, is now everywhere in the food supply. Apparently it has been secretly repackaged and sold as edible salt to food processors, bakeries and food wholesalers.

And believe me, you don't want to eat this kind of salt. It originated as a waste product from one of the largest fertilizer producers in Poland - Anwil S.A. The salt contains dangerous carcinogenic chemicals, including ones that could become carcinogenic dioxins in the human body.

People in Poland are afraid that this carcinogenic salt is likely to be present in everything they eat. After all, it wasn't just a bag of the stuff that was sold. Reports estimate that three Polish businesses have been buying some 1000 metric tons of "road" salt a month over a period of 10 years and selling it as edible salt.

Could this happen elsewhere in the world? Of course it could. Times are tough and there are plenty of people anxious to make "a fast buck" no matter what the cost to others.

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Anonymous said...

Is the FDA on the lookout for something like this? Are there any built in protections here in the USA?

Anonymous said...

This scandal is much more serious than currently reported in the media. The government is stonewalling.


Anonymous said...

The salt from Poland is really bad for health, yet, the Polish goverment does not want to reveal which companies used (use) it for production of meat, cheese etc... What is more, I've heard that they also produce highly poisonous dehydrated egg forage which is present in bread, cakes, pasta or smoked meat etc. Generally, it should be produced of eggs - in Poland, they use rotten eggs with addition of a yellow dye. Enjoy your Polish meal...