Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It is not unusual for recalls of contaminated food items in our food supply to expand over time. But usually it happens fairly quickly (days) after the initial recall. Not in the case of the Thompson, Inc. recall of its Anytime Deli Turkey & Ham Footlong ready-made sandwiches.

This U.S. company issued a recall back on January 24 of this year (see my 3 posts of January 26 and 27). Now - almost three months later, it has had to expand it. Even worse, the bacteria found is that deadly Listeria monocytogenes which is so dangerous for pregnant women and others with a weak immune system (see earlier posts).

The following products with expiration dates from January 19th through May 2nd and lot number from 00112 through 10412 are being recalled:

Turkey & Ham Footlong UPC 0543200194
Italian Footlong UPC 0543200196
Classic Cuban UPC 0543200156

The sub sandwiches were distributed on January 2nd through April 13th to convenience and grocery stores nationwide under the labels Anytime Deli, Sandwich Central and Dandee (most have probably been eaten). All sandwiches are packaged in white butcher wrap.

If you are pregnant - make your own sandwiches! Even if you aren't, and value your health, avoid the pre-packaged ones.

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