Thursday, May 3, 2012


Usually I only blog food recalls in the United States. But I do keep up with those of some other countries as well. The current one in the U.K. is just too odd not to blog. A nice change from the usual boring contaminated sprouts, deli products and cheeses.

Here are the facts: 277 units of Tropicana Kids (multi-packs of 4) Orange Juice Drink were sent out to stores in the U.K. with nothing but plain water in them - no juice at all (usually it's juice plus water). And it's not even "potable" (drinking quality) water. It's too contaminated with bacteria.

Poor PepsiCo has its corporate hands full. How on earth did this happen? Apparently someone at a PepsiCo plant was doing some testing and accidentally sent out the test packages that were meant to be tossed. It was what a PepsiCo spokesman called "a dispatch error." Oh..oh. I hope this isn't going to be a pattern.

The packages have no batch or data codes. The company and the U.K. Food Safety Agency warns people not to drink the stuff. Who would want to, anyway?

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