Sunday, October 14, 2012


It was just a matter of time. The Sunland, Inc. recall in the U.S. has steadily grown from a small start in late September (with a recall of the Trader Joe's Valencia Creamy Peanut Butter made by Sunland) to include multiple other peanut, nut and seed butters. Now it has expanded again: Sunland is recalling its peanuts as well.

The reason: tests have shown that the raw peanuts being used by Sunland are contaminated. The processing environment at the plant has turned up positive for Salmonella bacteria as well. But we are still waiting final test results which would show if these match the type of Salmonella that is causing the current outbreak. I have been wondering when this would happen. (Remember the hugs outbreaks caused by (different) Salmonella bacteria in peanuts in 2007 and 2008- 2009? Read about them in my book - The Safe Food Handbook which also explains why peanuts are often contaminated and outbreaks spread so fast).

Yesterday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the news that Sunland Inc.'s latest expansion of recalled products now extends to include raw and roasted peanuts, both in-shell and shelled, organic and non-organic, big bags and little bags. Anything processed in its Peanut Processing Plant located in Portales, New Mexico, and which are within their current shelf life or have no stated expiration date.

That adds some 70 additional products (if I counted correctly) that are sold in stores and the internet. Or, they may be sitting in your home. All are now considered unsafe for us to eat because there is a risk of their carrying Salmonella bredeney bacteria which so far has made at least 35 people in 19 states very ill indeed.(Multiply that by ten and you'll get a number closer to the real one).

For a complete list of both the peanut products, go to:

Sunland Inc. has stopped the production and distribution of anything it made at both its nut butter facility and its peanut processing facility. But, I checked. They are still being sold on the Internet - including on the Sunland site!

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UPDATE: Since this post, there have been several more peanut recalls.

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