Friday, October 5, 2012


Well, we have yet another expansion of the Sunland, Inc. Peanut Plant nationwide recall in the U.S.(which also includes other nut and seed butters). Can you believe it: from 101 products to 240 products, dating back to March 1, 2010. Doesn't our industrialized food system make your mind boggle?

Some of these recalled products have expired dates and others may still be sitting in you home storage, refrigerator or cupboard, opened or unopened. The products were distributed under the Company’s own label and under other brand names, including Trader Joe's, Archer Farms, American Choice, Kirkland, Natural Value, Arrowhead Mills, Cadia, Serious Food,Sun Harvest, Harry and David, Sunland, and more. They were sold by grocery and retail chains,such as Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Target, Fresh & Easy, and many other stores. They were also available for purchase on the internet (including

For products added read the FDA-published recall:

For the old list try the Sunland website:

Look - let's just play it safe: until we find out the cause, avoid any nut or seed butters (including in processed products, such as crackers, cookies, ice- cream, chocolates, candies, prepared foods....)no matter what the brand. Who wants this nasty Salmonella bacteria?

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UPDATE: Now that around 70 raw and roasted peanut products have also been recalled, the total number must be over 300! Will Sunland survive this?

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