Saturday, November 10, 2012


I haven't done much blogging this week because I have been overwhelmed with work. But I did notice, among other recalls ( of foods such as beef tongues and NESQUIX chocolate mix ), another one for bagged spinach.

So a lot of people reading this blog have been pulling up my old posts, especially the one for April 7, 2011 entitled "Another Recall of Bagged Spinach Because of Salmonella." And, the title - as well as the discussion, work just as well for this week's one. Fresh Express again, bagged fresh produce again, Salmonella bacteria again...And, the recall alert came out on November 7 - the day the product's "Best By" date expired - in other words, after most people had eaten it. Nothing new.

If you are wondering whether washing it would help make you safer - read my last year's post.

Nestle's recall of NESQUIX Chocolate Powder (November 9) because of a possible Salmonella-contaminated ingredient (calcium carbonate) being used in making it, is more interesting and unusual. Yes, this bacteria can survive for months in dry conditions. Remember, Salmonella occasionally turns up in spices as well.

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