Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I thought I should blog turkey food safety, in honor of U.S. Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, and the nation's favorite dinner.

Actually, we don't have that many publicized incidents of contaminated whole turkey - fresh or frozen. There are more recalls of deli turkey and ground turkey, some of these quite large (like that Cargill turkey one in 2011). But that doesn't mean that raw whole turkey can't carry bacteria. In fact, tests conducted on turkeys show anywhere between 28% to 98% of turkey to carry Campylobacter bacteria ( a common cause of food poisoning). Salmonella bacteria have been found as well by several tests, as well as other dangerous bugs.

But remember - the actual numbers of bacteria may be too small to make you seriously ill, and, even if they are more numerous, proper cooking and handling will keep you and your family and guests safe.

There is no point my repeating these safety precautions, since I already did so in my post of 11/23/11 - "Have a Safe Thanksgiving Day." While you are looking this up, you may also want to check the next post on 11/24/11 -
Safe Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers."

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