Saturday, June 23, 2012


A potent neurotoxin in your healthy carrot juice is the last thing you want. But it happens. Why? Because carrot juice has to be properly refrigerated. If it isn't, you may get Clostridium botulinum bacteria growing in it. The result can be a case of botulism. And botulism can be fatal.

So Californians watch out since contaminated juice may be in your stores. Healthy Choice Island Blends, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA, is recalling all sizes of LIQUID GOLD CARROT JUICE, because it may be contain this deadly bacterium. The juice was sold in plastic see-through containers in gallon, half-gallon, and quart sizes.

By the way, this is not the first recall of California carrot juice because of this bacterium, and it well may not be the last.

If you have bought it, throw it out even if it smells and looks fine. If you or a family member has drunk it recently, watch carefully for symptoms (see next post) and get help immediately.

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