Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today's editorial by Jeff Leach in the New York Times - title: " Dirtying up Our Diets" - makes some useful points. Yes, the good bacteria in our gut play an important role in protecting us from the bad ones. Yes, antibiotics are overprescribed and tend to wipe them out.

But no, America does not have "the safest food supply in human history." I would argue that that honor goes to some European countries instead. And no, we cannot cure our autoimmune disease issues by eating Farmers Market food.

Really! Does Leach think that most of us never wash our Farmers Markets carrots, but eat them dirt and all? I would bet most of us triple washed them, and if we can't get that dirt off, then we scrub them. I mean, who wants to crunch on soil? If you have ever done it, you don't want to do it again.

And, if you want bacteria, you may well get a worse dose from those squaky clean, triple-washed, safe-to-eat, bagged greens and other produce. But of course, it will not be the kind of nice safe bacteria that your gut needs.

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