Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Every time I get bored with blogging alfalfa and other sprout recalls, I remind myself of what happened in Europe a little more than a year ago. Remember that widespread sprout outbreak, originating in Hamburg, that left thousands seriously ill and scores dead?

What we usually have in the U.S. , is not contamination by E.coli bacteria, but by Salmonella - which is normally less deadly. I blogged the Leasa Industries alfalfa recall earlier this month. Now we have another one caused by this bacterium.

Banner Mountain Sprouts is recalling organic sprouts under the following names: 4oz. zesty greens, 5oz. sprout salad, 4oz. clover, 2lb. clover, 4oz. alfalfa/broccoli, 4oz. alfalfa sprouts, and 1lb. & 2lb. alfalfa sprouts because of a finding of Salmonella. The sprouts were distributed through retail stores and wholesalers in California in plastic, clamshell containers and 1lb. or 2lb. ziplock bags with a sell by date from 6/17/12 to 7/6/12.

Avoid them!

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